[Marxism] BBC: NYC uses unwitting foster kids to test experimental AIDS drugs

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Sun Dec 5 20:46:11 MST 2004

On Sunday 05 December 2004 21:18, Jacob Levich wrote:
 > I note this story has been broken by the same man, Jamie Doran, who
 > uncovered the US massacre of fighters in Afghanistan and made the
 > excellent film Convoy of Death.

   I concur; if anyone gets a chance to see that film, by all means do. 

 > >From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/this_world/4038375.stm
 > >New York's HIV experiment
   Yes, Doran is doing truly notable work.

   What amazes me about this is the utter silence about the NY experiments.  
You'd think this would be sensational headline news -- doctors use foster 
children as unwitting human guinea pigs to test experimental drugs on!

   I've done a few searches of mainstream media outlets (e.g. CNN) and have 
not seen a single word of the BBC report.  Amazing.

 In Solidarity.

"The NEA is a terrorist organization." -- Bush administration Secretary of 
Education Rod Paige.

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