[Marxism] New kid on the block

jerry foster jerry41_99 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 12:31:03 MST 2004

Since I sort of started the ruckus about flaming-I'd
like to end it,if possible,and certainly for
myself.I'll leave it to others to stamp out the flames
in the future.I'm fairly new to the list,but not even
close to new to politics(and I ain't no Reverend
either),so I know a few things about the subject.One
of the things I know is that there is no one out
there, living or dead, that hasn't held a wrong
position at one time or another.Some make bigger
mistakes than others(and those that don't always agree
with me 100 percent are ,of course,high on the mistake
list)but I forgive them and we can all learn and
,hopefully, make fewer mistakes.I've done my share of
flaming and I can assure you it is rarely
productive.Let's save our flames for those who are
clearly our class ememies,and there are plenty enough
of them -I even try to be nice to them too, when I
can.For example,I want to congratulate G.Bush Sr. for
finally doing something useful.  Rev.Jerry 

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