[Marxism] Octavio Paz, from Spanish to English.

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Mon Dec 6 14:56:29 MST 2004

could anyone with good command of Spanish and English help me 
with the translation of OP 1949 "Libertad bajo Palabra."

I have the poem in Spanish and in French but have been unable to find 
it in English. I think that Eliot Weinberger may have translated it but I 
still can't find it.

I've made a first draft translation that I can send (with the Spanish 
original) to anyone who is willing to help me. Many thanks.

Here's the beginning in both Spanish and English:

Libertad bajo Palabra
Allá, donde terminan las fronteras, los caminos se borran. Donde 
empieza el silencio. Avanzo lentamente y pueblo la noche de estrellas, 
de palabras, de la respiración de un agua remota que me espera 
donde comienza el alba. Invento la víspera, la noche, el día siguiente 
que se levanta en su lecho de piedra y recorre con ojos límpidos un 
mundo penosamente soñado. Sostengo al árbol, a la nube, a la roca, 
al mar, presentimiento de dicha, invenciones que desfallecen y vacilan 
frente a la luz que disgrega.

Freedom on Parole (or under Parole) -- my translation
There, where the frontiers end, the roads fade away. There the silence 
begins. I move slowly and fill the night with stars, with words, with the 
breathing of the remote water that awaits me where dawn begins. I 
invent the eve, the night, the next day that arises in its bedrock and 
rides with limpid eyes a world painfully dreamt. I sustain the tree, the 
cloud, the boulder, the sea, presentiment of good fortune, inventions 
that wane and flicker before the light that disintegrates.

Gilles d'Aymery
Swans Commentary

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