[Marxism] The forces of media reaction unite: Fox hooks up with Clear Channel

Charlie Parks jcparks5550 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 6 15:16:25 MST 2004

Today's Democracy Now program informs us that Fox News will be pumping its 
reactionary bile into the already reactionary Clear Channel's radio news 
bulletins.  Corporate synergy at work, I suppose--it's a way around more 
obvious forms of media consodilation, to be sure. Personally, I've already 
been exposed to another variant of rightwing media synergy here in 
Nashville, where the notorious rightwing media company Sinclair owns the 
local Fox affiliate. The station is thus able to deliver Fox's fair and 
balanced national news coverage while also gracing us with the regular 
editorial commentaries of Sinclair vice-president Mark Hyman. I wouldn't 
wish such viewing pleasure on my worst enemy (not least because my worst 
enemy would probably enjoy it whole heartedly!).--CP

>From Democracy Now, 12/6/04

Fox News To Partner With Clear Channel
The Wall Street Journal is reporting Fox News will soon become the primary 
news provider to radio giant Clear Channel. By mid-next year as many as 500 
Clear Channel radio stations will be airing hourly five-minute news reports 
from Fox. Many stations will also carry syndicated talk shows hosted by Fox 
News personalities.


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