[Marxism] Wired magazine: "The Cuban Biotech Revolution"

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at sonic.net
Mon Dec 6 20:04:27 MST 2004

Question: How much truth is behind these two particular quotes?

"Castro made biotechnology one of the building blocks of the economy, 
and that has opened the door - just a crack - to intellectual property."

This strikes me as an exaggeration of the significance of some guy 
suggesting that Cuba patent its home-designed drugs.

"No one knows how - Cuba's economy, with its secrecy and centralized 
structure, defies market analysis."

Suggesting that a socialist economy "defies market analysis" amuses me, 
but what I really want to know is if the author really can't find such 
information, or if he just found it likely and logical to say that he can't.

-Jeffrey Piercy

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