[Marxism] *Civilization's* Gift To Iraq: Tuberculosis

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 6 22:25:25 MST 2004

From:           	Rick Rozoff 


Xinhua News Agency (China)
December 6, 2004

640 people infected with tuberculosis in southern
Iraqi city 

BAGHDAD - A total of 640 people were infected with
tuberculosis in the city of Diwaniyah, 180 km south of
Baghdad, local newspaper Azzaman reported on Monday. 

"Most of the cases are of the ages between 15 to 45
years old, and most of them are residents of the
villages near the city," doctor Hassan Sharif Hussein,
director of the consultative clinic for chest and
respiratory diseases in Diwaniyah, was quoted as

He pointed out that the hospitals and the health
centers in the city were suffering acute shortage in
medicine and vaccines for this disease. 

The US-led invasion and the following waves of
violence have left Iraq with great damage in its
infrastructure and a dire need for basic necessities
such as clean water and medicine.

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