[Marxism] Alleged murders of the 41st Infantry Regiment

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Mon Dec 6 22:19:59 MST 2004

Once inside, Williams and May stood in front of the Iraqi.

"You know what you have to do," Williams told May, according to an  
account of the incident presented by military attorneys.

"Can I shoot him?" May asked Williams.

"Shoot him," Williams replied, according to military attorneys.

May fired two shots.

" I shot him in the head twice, took a picture of him, and walked  
outside," May told military investigator, Special Agent James  
Suprynowicz, in a sworn statement several weeks later. It was read in  
court Monday.

After the shooting, May bragged about the incident to fellow soldiers,  
prosecutors alleged.

"Spc. May was pretty hyped up," Spc. Joshua R. Sickels of the 1-41st  
testified. "He was excited. He said he'd never shot someone that close  
up before."

When his commanding officer asked him what happened, May replied that  
the Iraqi tried to grab a gun. In the sworn statement later, May  
admitted that he fired two shots at the unarmed Iraqi man, according to  

He told investigators that he shot the man "because I was ordered to,"  
Suprynowicz testified.

After soldiers dragged the bleeding man from the house, his wife became  
hysterical, wailing, throwing dirt in the air and beating herself with  
her hands. Soldiers watched in shock as she laid her baby on top of the  
man's bleeding body.


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