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Mon Dec 6 23:14:02 MST 2004

Consider this:  foreign troops occupying one of the poorest countries in 
the world, a country without an army, are foreign soldiers whether they are 
wearing blue helmets -- from the UN -- or khaki helmets from the US.

Here's what Reuters had to say:

    Brazil rejects U.S. call for Haiti crackdown
    02 Dec 2004 23:22:41 GMT
    Source: Reuters
    By Andrew Hay

    BRASILIA, Brazil, Dec 2 (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti will not 
    respond to international pressure to "use violence" against armed gangs and 
    will rebuild the country as a "peacekeeping force, not an occupying force," 
    the mission's Brazilian commander said on Thursday.

    His comments and those of Brazil's foreign minister came a day after U.S. 
    Secretary of State Colin Powell demanded U.N troops crack down on street 
    gangs after gunfights broke out near him when he visited Haiti's interim 
    leader at the presidential palace.

    "We are under extreme pressure from the international community to use 
    violence," General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro told a congressional commission 
    in Brazil. "I command a peacekeeping force, not an occupation force ... we 
    are not there to carry out violence, this will not happen for as long as 
    I'm in charge of the force."

    He cited the United States, France and Canada among countries pressing for 
    the use of force against armed groups.

    "To do this would require a force of 100,000 men prepared to seek and kill 
    in large numbers and this is not our role, nor do we want it," Foreign 
    Minister Celso Amorim told Brazilian legislators.

    President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sent his nation's biggest ever U.N 
    peacekeeping force to Haiti in June as Brazil sought a role as a regional 
    crisis mediator and support for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security 

Den Dupuy, who is sec general of the National Popular Party in Haiti and 
editorial director of Haiti-Progres, a newspaper I occassionally write for, 
feels that the United States and France called in the UN because their 
military was being chewed up in Iraq and the Ivory Coast, respectively.

He doesn't really bother about why the Brazilians did it -- and what Cuba 
thinks -- but wants to analyze the effects of UN intervention on Haiti and 
why France & the US acted the way they did.

I personally think that one of the tasks of the anti-imperialist movement 
in this country is figuring out how to aid Haiti in removing its foreign 
occupiers, no matter which helmet they are wearing.


On 7 Dec 2004 at 16:55, Fred Fuentes wrote:

> Just to clarify i did not say the below it was something i forwarded
> on, it is NOT my position, but just interesting thoughs not a
> discussion that i think needs to be had and moved beyond just troops
> are bad. What i am trying to get to is why are Brazil, Argentina etc
> there is it just simply a case these governments are stooges for US
> imperialism in disguise and just the same as the rest of the pro-US
> third world governments, or does this intervention tell us something
> different about what these government (and Chavez and Cuba who oppose
> troop deployment)
> La lucha continua
> Fred
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