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> The question I think people should address is what do the Haitian
> people and the parties that are in the struggle there think about
> these troops.
> I heard Ben Dupuy (partie populaire nationale), Mario Dupuy (Fanmi
> Lavalas) George Honorat (Base of Relection of the Mass Movements of
>  Lavalas, who came up from Haiti for the meeting) speak last night.
> Ben Dupuy said the reason why Brazil rejected the demand for crushing
> the resistance in the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince and
> throughout Haiti is that it doesn't have enough troops.
> Mario Dupuy threw the violence of the past two months on the MINUSTAH
> (UN) forces and the PNH (Haitian national police).
> George Honorat made the point that foreign troops are an occupation
> force, whether they speak Spanish, French or English.  He feels that
> at least a thousand people have been killed since Sept. 30, when the
> big demos started but the PNH zipped the bodies into bags and cart
> them off, so an exact number is hard to come by.

Of course, they MUST say that, and I would say the same things.  But 
fact is, under joint US-French occupation, they would not be able to 
say that.  Not even to their closest friends.  Maybe they would all 
be dead already.

As to "Brazilians don't intervene because they don't have enough 
troops", then it would be best if they remained.  The actual 
alternative, like it or not, is Brazilians, etc., or US-French.

For the time being, there is no third possibility at sight.

Please remember that I started my posting by saying that I OPPOSE the 
presence of Arg troops in Haiti.  At the same time, it would be silly 
to keep bombastically arguing that these are "imperialist" troops.

An imperialism that cannot muster "enough troops" is not serious.

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