[Marxism] About Boycotting “the Elections”-Issam Shukri(LWCPI)

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Tue Dec 7 07:28:21 MST 2004

from the website of the Left Worker-Communist Party of Iraq:
About Boycotting “the Elections”

Issam Shukri

The leadership of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq waited long for an 
answer to their “democratic” questions regarding fairness and freedom of 
elections. When no one cared to answer or even to call for discussing these 
conditions, they decided to boycott the elections.

It wanted to correct its first illusion ...with a second one.

In the first position they recognized implicitly that the elections possess 
credibility when they forwarded their conditions, which were, to say the 
least, naive and “cosmetic”. They denied the reality entirely and its 
circumstances in which that process is supposed to take place. They 
considered what has been planned as elections, however in need of 
improvements, in order to be able participate.

In the second position (boycotting) they have boycotted what holds no value 
to the people and bears no meaning in the actual reality. They boycotted 
something that does not exit. They gave this nonsense its absent meaning and 
bestowed tragedy features upon a farce. The denial of something confirms its 
existence. They confirmed once again that what is taking place is elections.

They erred again.

What happens today in Iraq bears no similarity to the attribute of 
elections. Therefore the process could not be possibly negated (whether by 
boycotting or otherwise). Elections must be submitted to the main conditions 
i.e. the end of the US occupation and the disarmament of all militias, 
Islamic, nationalist, and Ba’thists, in order to end or paralyze the Dark 
Scenario and its criminal forces that are controlling the destiny of the 
society in Iraq.

Without these conditions, the planned elections are mere nonsense and 
consequently their boycott is an adopted twaddle. It suffices to ask any 
worker or toiler in Baghdad or Fallujah today: what is your opinion of 
boycotting the elections?!.

Hoping the answer to this question would be decent!.

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