[Marxism] RE: Pelosi/Wallace Interview/Social Security

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 12:09:12 MST 2004

>WALLACE (to Pelosi): But you would consider then, for instance, raising the retirement 
>age -- given the fact that with life expectancy people are living so much 
>longer -- you would consider raising the retirement age for workers 10, 20 
>years down the line?

Raising the retirement age is about one of the most idiotic ideas afloat. First off with an economy with a built in labor surplus, this will increase unemployment. Second off with the vicous age discrimination against hiring workers in their fifties, what's it going to look like for workers in their sixties? The disgraceful spectacle of 64 year old workers lining up at day labor places at 4AM for daily low paid work, will be augmented by 69 year old workers standing in line at 4AM. What a wonderful society we live in.

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