[Marxism] Niall Ferguson

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 7 13:07:32 MST 2004


you said recently (couldn't find the exact one) that you have written 
some critical analyses of or to Michael Ignatieff (our modest canadian 
contribution to the defense of empire, but very slippery). Have you 
written anything to or about Niall Ferguson, the latest star in the 
defense and exaltation of empire?  i heard him recently on CBC radio and 
he made my blood boil. Although he is very knowledgeable as an 
historian, he ultimately defends the US empire on the grounds that it 
the only defense against...terrorism. No wonder this privately (they say 
"public")-schooled Scotsman is now rewarded with a post at Harvard (just 
like Ignatieff!)

i know there must be marxist assaults on this apologist but I'm not 
adept enough with google to find them.

steve heeren

The weight of this sad time we must obey.
Speak what you feel, not what you ought to say.
                        Shakespeare (King Lear)

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