[Marxism] Come to meeting of NY Grass-roots Antiwar Network Dec.9

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Dec 7 20:10:47 MST 2004

COME to the next meeting of the NY Grass-roots Antiwar Network  (NYGAN).

* Thursday, December 9,  6:30 pm. 

* CUNY Grad Center (5th Ave. between 34  &35--bring photo ID to gain

* Room 5414.

                *   *   *   *   *

The last meeting of NYGAN Nov. 7  was attended by 45 people -- members
of Brooklyn Families for Peace and other neighborhood peace groups, a
new  group of theater-related peace activists,  activists in the United
for Peace and Justice, War Resisters League, International Action
Center, and other peace-organizing centers;  Palestine Action Forum-NY,
Solidarity, student groups from NYU and Columbia, Solidarity,
International Socialist Organization, and others.

The continuations committee met yesterday (Monday) and is making some
proposals for structuring the meeting. Here is the agenda, with a
description  of how we project organizing each of the points:

1) Actions

a) A round where any group that wants to talk about an action it is
organizing will have two minutes to introduce it. Since  time is limited
groups are urged to bring written materials to the meeting and/or post
information to  the NYGAN listserve.

b) a place for proposals and discussion about actions NYGAN can
undertake as a collective. There  was agreement among those on the
continuations committee that one possible action would be some kind of
forum, conference, or retreat dedicated to discussing a broad theme that
unites us. An example would be: "Genocide and U.S. foreign policy--from
Fallujah to  Palestine to Darfur." This is just an example of one
proposal, something we will put on the floor to start the discussion.
Whether to accept this poroposal,  or do some other kind of action, and
if there is agreement on our proposal what its actual theme and
character should be, are open for discussion. If possible, proposals and
thoughts should be shared via the listserve before the meeting.  

2) What unites us

Madiha will repost the original "Draft Points of Unity" with an
introductory section that we believe will be useful. We propose an open
discussion of this draft at the meeting. How we proceed will be
determined by how much of a concensus or lack thereof we seem to have in
that discussion.  

3) Continuations process

We propose institutionalizing three kinds of processes: 

a) A monthly general meeting of NYGAN.

b) A volunteer continuations committee that would meet at least once
between general meetings. Its mandate would be to make sure decisions of
the group are implemented and to think through proposals for the next
general meeting.  

c) Volunteer working committees that will take on the implementation of
specific tasks and decisions made by the general meetings.

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