[Marxism] The Guardian Interviews Nader

Charlie Parks jcparks5550 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 7 20:50:39 MST 2004


An interesting postelection piece, parts of which are revealing, such as the 
following outrageous acknowledgement of chicanery from Toby Moffett:

'Toby Moffett, an old friend and disciple of Nader's who has long since 
parted ways ideologically, spearheaded the ballot access campaign against 
him. He says it had to be done. "I talk about it without any glee because we 
lost the greater battle. It's a ridiculous little asterisk of history. But I 
think we had a role in the ballot challenges. We distracted him and drained 
him of resources," Moffett claims, but adds: "I'd be less than honest if I 
said it was all about the law. It was all about stopping Bush from getting 

(Mission accomplished!)

Or this: "That is how corrupt the system is, that good people turn against 
you," he says. "Our political system is an idiocracy. It's the laughing 
stock of the western world."

(A dead-on description of our political system, but I trust he wasn't 
thinking of Medea Benjamin, Norman Solomon, Ted Glick or Toby Moffett when 
he noted that "good people turn against you." Sleezy people who were 
probably never really with you to begin with, orchestrating Green Party 
coups d'etat against you, publicly recanting their votes for you, pompously 
shouting down your campaign spokespersons in debates (Solomon), and 
employing Tammany Hall tactics to foil your campaign--"good people turning 
against you" just doesn't quite evince all of this despicable treachery.)


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