[Marxism] At world meet of intellectuals, Chavez urges study of socialist...

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Tue Dec 7 23:07:28 MST 2004

I just took possession of a book of Trotsky's speeches published by 
Pathfinder Press. One which particularly resonated included these words, among his last 
as he lay dying after being struck down by one of Stalin's agents:

"For forty-three years of my conscious life I have remained a revolutionist; 
for forty-two of them I have fought under the banner of Marxism. If I had to 
begin all over again I would of course try to avoid this or that mistake, but 
the main course of my life would remain unchanged. I shall die a proletarian 
revolutionist, a Marxist, a dialectical materialist, and, consequently, an 
irreconcilable atheist. My faith in the communist future of mankind is not less 
ardent, indeed it is firmer today than it was in the days of my youth."

Leon Trotsky.


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