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  And so Celia Hart wrote something about Trotsky. I don't see why that would 
deserve more play that speeches by other a little more important  Cubans like 
Fidel Castro or Felipe Perez Roque. 

You completely miss the point. Trotsky was a Marxist, obviously, but it was 
he and Lenin who were the first to put Marx's theories into practise. That they 
did so successfully, in the process formulating a unique organizational 
structure and theoretical position tailored to the unique challenges posed by a 
semi-feudal nation made up of various ethnic and religious groups, was an 
outstanding feat. Trotsky's theory of Permanent Revolution, which Lenin came round to 
agreeing with later, was the work of a visionary. That his theory and its 
concepts have withstood the test of time merely serves to illustrate the man's 
brilliance. And not only was he an outstanding scholar and philosopher; he was 
also a superb military commander and strategist, the founder of the Red Army 
and architect of the nascent Soviet Union's victory in the Civil War.

We draw inspiration from revolutionaries such as Trotsky, Lenin, Castro, Mao, 
et al, simply because we should. They went before and succeeded in changing 
the course of history. If we cannot learn from them and their examples, who can 
we learn from?


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