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NG> What do all those groups of the Left who hailed the fall of Milosevic
NG> say now on the "velvet revolutions" in Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

   I see important differences between those mobilizations.

   What we now see in Ukraine is, so to say, what comes after the  
downfall of the old-style stalinist burocracy or their immediate  
heirs, symbolized in Germany by breaking down the Berlin Wall from the  
East (instead of a military attack from the west).

   Sure, there are mass mobilizations going on, especially in Kiev,  
but their outcome is no real change. There is no real difference  
between the two candidates (I can't memorize their names), except that  
the masses are fed up with what they have to endure and for which they  
obviously hold the outgoing government responsible. But the  
"opposition" candidate will be in the same situation as his  
predecessors in a few years time.


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