[Marxism] Chavez and Trotsky

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed Dec 8 03:27:58 MST 2004

 Joe wrote:
We draw inspiration from revolutionaries such as Trotsky, Lenin, Castro, 
et al, simply because we should. They went before and succeeded in changing
the course of history. If we cannot learn from them and their examples, who 
we learn from?Reply:We could learn from our own experience. BTW no reputable 
historian would agree that  "it was [Trotsky] and Lenin who were the first 
to put Marx's theories into practise."This is illiterate stuff. Trotsky 
himself had no "theory of Permanent Revolution", but a strategy of permanent 
revolution, i.e. the strategic concept of a democratic revolution growing 
over into a socialist revolution, given a specific alignment of political 
and class forces (see Michael Löwy, The Politics of Uneven and Combined 
Development; the strategy of permanent revolution, chapter 1).Jurriaan 

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