[Marxism] At world meet of intellectuals, Chavez urges study of socialist...

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed Dec 8 03:39:21 MST 2004

Joe wrote:

One which particularly resonated included these words, among his last
as he lay dying after being struck down by one of Stalin's agents:

You must be going a bit blind. In fact that quote you mention is from 
Trotsky's testament, which he wrote some time prior to the assassination. He 
did not say those words after Ramon Mercador smashed his skull with a 
pick-axe. In fact, after that attack, he said very little at all, something 
which is hardly surprising. How can you learn anything from "inspiring 
historical examples" if you cannot even get your facts straight? It's just a 
as far as I can see.


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