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>The University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey 
>(October 15, 2004) reveals political identities of officers and 
>enlisted personnel of the United States military. . . .

Contrary to popular opinion the US military has not always been so "right leaning". When I was in the Army years ago, before the draft ended, it was not at all unusual to find older "lifers" both non-coms and officers who were liberals. The reason, is that they were old enough to remember the depression of the 1930's, and had developed an affinity for the democratic party. They saw themselves as "strict constitutionalists", who saw themselves as serving the country as a whole regardless of who was in charge. Let's not forget that Vietnam was the Liberals war. Quite a few of the junior officers and lower ranking enlisted people considered themselves liberal. During the last Democratic primary, Wesley Clark, a retired general, on domestic issues was to the left of most of the Democratic party leadership, by supporting such issues as universal health care, union recognition by card check off, and affirmative action. Most junior officers, back during the days of the draft came out of
 ROTC and had no interest in a military career other than doing their minimum time in service.  This shift to the right has been gradually changing since probably about the eighties. Until I saw those figures, I hadn't reliazed how far it had progressed.

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