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I don't have it handy but one thing that struck me in Deutscher's depiction of the minutes just after the assassination is how much Trotsky struggled to give instructions to Hansen, around not killing his assassin so they could get information, and other political matters (although by this point just in very short and hard to hear gasps) -- and his parallel efforts to express repeatedly to Natalya his love.

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You must be going a bit blind. In fact that quote you mention is from 
Trotsky's testament, which he wrote some time prior to the assassination. 


Though it is excruciating for me to admit, especially to you, I see that you 
are correct. Gee, it's a darn thing that human error. At least now everyone 
knows I am human and not an android. How about you? Where's your proof?

You also write:

It's just a religion,as far as I can see.


Religion is based on blind faith. My adherence to and belief in socialism is 
based on concrete, empirical fact. You come out with garbage like this again 
and again. I've said this before about you, your purpose on this list is not to 
analyse or critique socialism and socialist ideas, but to attack and try to 
undermine them. Your entire purpose is to spout some pseudo-intellectual theory 
of your own, which is nothing more than the confused rambings of a lonely 
little man behind a computer (at least that's how it comes across to me). I get 
the distinct impression that you've never been politically active in your life, 
never been part of an organised group. How do I come to that? You're just too 
pompous, elitist and self aggrandizing to connect with working people.

I find you offensive, mate, I'm sorry to have to say.

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