[Marxism] Jackson's Call for a Const'al Amd.

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Jackson's Call for a Const'al Amd.

Jessie Jackson recently put out a list of horribles about the dirty tricks, 
inconveniences, and down right rigging that went on in Ohio ("Something's Fishy 
in Ohio" by Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun Times - November 30, 2004).  Long, 
slow lines for the poor, special treatment for the rich.  At least one machine 
that gave Bush 3893 extra votes, out of 638 actually cast, etc.

Is this anything new?  Of course not.  So, what can be done about it?

Jackson calls for "a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to vote 
for all U.S. citizens and to empower Congress to establish federal standards 
and nonpartisan
administration of elections."  But this language is so vague that its 
meaningless.  We need a complete overhaul of the federal election process that will 
both raise its degree of democracy and take advantage of modern electronic 

We need a process that will end the need to trek to the polls, and end the 
waits in line.  We need a voting system that is as secure as international 
banking.  We need a procedure that will put meat on the bones of the "one person, 
one vote" principle.  To do that, we need a way of sidelining the present 
domination of Big Money.  The electoral college makes the popular vote a sham, and 
should be abolished.  We need a system that equalizes the role of the states 
in the presidential election process, eliminating big state advantages.  We 
also need a system that will assure the voters of each candidate's intellectual 

Here is Section One of the Constitutional Amendment that the US needs to 
truly democratize federal elections:
Section 1. 
The President and Vice-President of the United States shall be elected by the 
people.  In addition to the qualifications stated in Article Two of this 
Constitution, candidates for these offices must pass a written examination.  Those 
who pass the exam will participate in a series of electronically broadcast 
elimination debates.  Following each set of debates there will be a period 
during which votes will be cast and recorded electronically.  All candidates will 
be eliminated in this manner until two remain.  A final post-debate vote will 
be taken to determine by the greatest number who will be President, the 
Vice-President to be determined by the lesser number.
To see all the details, go to http://www.empathicscience.org/ammend.html 

William J. Kelleher, Ph.D. is the author of: a) The New Election Game: A 
Replacement for the Two-Party System (1987); and, b) Marxist Spirituality: Why 
Widespread Spiritual Enlightenment Cannot be Attained in the Capitalist System 
and What To Do About It. (forthcoming)

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