[Marxism] Colin Powell: Failed Opportunist

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Wed Dec 8 13:26:16 MST 2004

[Remembering the debate about Colin Powell on the list a week or two ago, I 
thought this take on his career might prove interesting to some.]

Full story: <http://www.consortiumnews.com/2004/112604.html>

Colin Powell: Failed Opportunist

By Robert Parry

Colin Powell’s admirers – especially in the mainstream press – have struggled 
for almost two years to explain how and why their hero joined in the 
exaggerations and deceptions that led the nation into the disastrous war in 
Iraq. Was he himself deceived by faulty intelligence or was he just acting as 
the loyal soldier to his commander-in-chief?

But there is another, less flattering explanation that fits with the evidence 
of Powell’s life story: that the outgoing secretary of state has always been 
an opportunist who consistently put his career and personal status ahead of 
America’s best interests.

From his earliest days as a junior officer in Vietnam through his acquiescence 
to George W. Bush’s Iraq adventure, Colin Powell repeatedly has failed to 
stand up against actions that were immoral, unethical or reckless. At every 
turning point, Powell protected his career above all else.

Yet, Powell’s charisma – and the fact that he is a prominent and successful 
African-American – have protected him from any clear-eyed assessment of his 
true record. Even when Powell has publicly defended war crimes, such as the 
shooting of defenseless “military-aged males” in Vietnam, national 
journalists have preferred to focus on Powell’s sparkling style over his 
troubling substance. [...]

Full story: <http://www.consortiumnews.com/2004/112604.html>

The US is world leader in prison population. We have more people in jail than 
China, which has 4 times the population of the US. And we dare call ourselves 
the "land of the free?"

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