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I think working for the dissolution of our (Trotskyist) current is a worthwhile goal TO THE EXTENT THAT ITS MERITS HAVE BEEN ABSORBED BY A BROADER CURRENT. The danger is in putting aside that goal in the desire to be part of the same revolutionary group/current/international without coming to principled agreement. 

History did not stop with Trotsky, and an integration of the lessons learned by other currents -- Castroist, Sandinista, Chavista, etc. -- is crucial.  That cannot be done by ignoring differences, but rather by comradely dialogue and common work.

Do these currents -- or other nonTrotskyist currents -- have a strategy for rebuilding a class-struggle left-wing in the US?  For rebuilding a communist presence in the Arab world?  If yes, even if only partially, than we are further along in the dissolution process than I thought. If not, then the Trotskyist movement still needs to regroup, to expand, to make its views more concrete, more current, and better known.

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   Changing some words in this Freds remarks, I endorse it fully,  
voting for its general line with both hands:

FF>        [Our] course should not be towards hegemony for [our]
FF> current in Venezuela, Cuba, or on a world scale, but

FF> toward the disappearance of Trotskyism as a distinct current that
FF> was _forced into existence_ by the Stalinist political
FF> counterrevolution in the Soviet Union in the 1920s,

FF> which prepared and led to the disintegration of the conquests of
FF> the revolution which was clearly registered by the events of the
FF> early 90s.

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