[Marxism] Re:Chavez, Hart, "Trotskyism": My response to Andy and Cort Greene's response to me

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Dec 8 14:55:36 MST 2004

1.Fred F. responds to Andy Pollack
I want to stress that I did not call for the immediate dissolution of
any group, Trotskyist or not.  I described a process that I think can be
entered into now, and explained why I think some of the attitudes of the
Woods-Grant group (a certain boastfulness, and the suggestion that Celia
Hart is a comrade but other Cuban Communists are not) point in the wrong
direction, despite some positive things they have done. 

In general, I don't issue demands that currents dissolve, even sectarian
ones.  It is more important that they start thinking outside the box
than that they dissolve, which may have good or bad consequences
depending in part on the thinking behind it as well as other

2. Cort Greene responds to Fred F.

 Thank you Fred, I will heed to some of your Comradely advice. Some of
what you say that I said is just a misunderstanding but Comrade Grant
was so correct on many things in the 1940's, 50's. 60's etc and even
today and has even admitted when he was wrong. 
We are a not just a book club as you have made us out to be in
Venezuela, we are a tendency within the Bolivarian Revolution, with
members in many sectors of the country and have many friends who may not
agree with us but nevertheless  respect us. 
As for Comrade Celia Hart, why don't you ask her what she thinks of us?
She was at our World Congress, worked with us on the revival as some
have put it on Trotsky's "Permament Revolution" and writes articles  for
us on occassion.( Walter can get her address for you) 
I do consider many people I do not necessary agree with  as comrades, I
do that, not just here in the States but in other countries where I work
with people. I even consider you a comrade because I respect some of
your writing's and the work you have done over your lifetime and people
I have met who know you. (Holt Library)  
I did not say that or have the vision that the developments we see
taking place are primarily a role from our tendency but you do have
admit we have played a role since our roots run deep

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