[Marxism] Masters of Enterprise: How the Titans of American Business Shaped the U.S. Economy

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The booklet accompanying this set of CD lectures has three suggested general

_The Worldly Philosophers_ by Robert L Heilbroner, _Capital: A Critique of
Political Economy_ Vol. I by Karl Marx, and _The Wealth of Nations_ by Adam

Of three websites suggested to visit, one is Marx & Engels Internet Archive

Bigman history of _capitalists_ has more utility to historical materialism
than, bigman history overall.

Perhaps every U.S. communist cell should write the biographies of its local
big businesspeople, to be compiled in a national capital dossier.



Masters of Enterprise: How the Titans of American Business Shaped the U.S.
	By H.W. Brands

The formal creation of the United States involved the explicit guarantee of
individual and market freedoms, both of which are at the core of American
economic philosophy. In this fascinating set of lectures, award-winning
historian H.W. Brands shows how these core principles set the stage for some
of the nation's most gifted financial visionaries and traces the historical
arc of the American businessperson, from John Jacob Astor to Bill Gates.


1.	The Business of America 
2.	John Jacob Astor: From Furs to Real Estate 
3.	Cyrus McCormick and the Business of Agriculture 
4.	Cornelius Vanderbilt and Jay Gould: Speculating on America 
5.	Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller: An Obsession for Efficiency

6.	J.P. Morgan: The Triumph of the Money Man 
7.	Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan: Capturing the Dream 
8.	Walt Disney: The Business of Fantasy 
9.	Robert Woodruff: As American as Coke 
10.	Ray Kroc: The Industrialization of Eating 
11.	Sam Walton: Will the Real Uncle Sam Please Stand Up? 
12.	Mary Kay Ash: What Do Women Want? 
13.	Andre Grove and Bill Gates: Intel (and Microsoft) Inside 
14.	The Past and Future of American Business

An expert chronicler of the American experience, H.W. Brands is
Distinguished Professor of History at Texas A&M University. Among other
topics, he has written books about the California gold rush, America in the
1890s, President Woodrow Wilson, and the Cold War. His biographies of Teddy
Roosevelt, T.R.: The Last Romantic, and Benjamin Franklin, The First
American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin (a finalist for the
Pulitzer Prize), both won widespread critical acclaim and were best-sellers.


M. D. Gray, a self-published author and writer., July 19, 2004,  
Wonderful Documentary
I truly enjoyed Masters of Enterprise. It is very well put together and
informative as to how the movers and shakers of the American Economy did
what they did. Personally speaking, I am always looking for an audio book or
book that will enhance and improve my life. Masters of Enterprise allowed me
to look within myself and see how I as an individual can make a contribution
to this great nation. Highly recommend this series.

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