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Elections as Ideology

Asad Haider

The elections are over, and it is time to move on to the many pressing
issues humanity faces these days; but it is always important that we
learn from our setbacks and mistakes. I attended a "town hall meeting"
of local liberals and was utterly astounded by their unwillingness to
accept the impotence of electoral politics and the Democratic party.
There was much self-congratulation for fruitless voter registration
drives, and plans were made for electing Democrats in the next
elections. Unmentioned were issues of central importance like the
occupation of Iraq, "moral values" and job loss, much less the issues
that do not receive attention in the mainstream media...

The liberal might look at this state of affairs and lament that the
system isn't working. The radical, however, would say that the system is
working very well; that the system of electoral politics is designed to
suppress real political discourse. The critique of ideology advanced
within the Marxist tradition is one useful tool to understand the way in
which elections reinforce the status quo.[3] The reasons for John
Kerry's loss are complex; but one major reason is the inability of
American liberals and even sectors of the left to see outside of the
ideology of elections.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/History/Haider120904.html>

How the New York Times Misreports: An Interview with Howard Friel

Joshua Frank

Howard Friel is the author of Dogs of War: The Wall Street Journal
Editorial Page and the Right-Wing Campaign Against International Law, to
be published in 2005. His most recent book is The Record of the Paper:
How the New York Times Misreports US Foreign Policy, co-authored with
Richard Falk, published by Verso in November 2004. He recently spoke to
Joshua Frank about the book.

/Joshua Frank/: Howard Friel, in your critique with Richard Falk on how
the New York Times misreports US foreign policy, you seem to steer clear
of focusing on the obvious, like that of Judith Miller's numerous
fabricated Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction stories (which you do talk
about, but not at great length), and instead dive into somewhat
untrammeled terrain: the Times and their history of ignorance regarding
international law. Why the focus on these factors and not the more
talked about corruption, like Miller's?

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Interviews/FrankFriel120904.html>

Flight Attendants, the Working Day and Labor Solidarity

Seth Sandronsky

A nationwide strike of 46,000 flight attendants has been authorized by
the board of the Association of Flight Attendants. They are resisting
airline employers making workers labor for longer hours at lower wages,
and threatening to get rid of their pensions. A strike vote will be
taken at four airlines--UAL Corp.'s United, US Airways Group Inc., ATA
Holdings Inc.'s ATA Airlines and Hawaiian Holdings Inc.'s Hawaiian
Airlines-with the votes set to be counted by the end of December.

Many U.S. air carriers are in financial distress and squeezing their
work forces in an effort to return to profitability. The judicial branch
of the state is a key player. For example, US Airways is trying to use
federal bankruptcy court to void collective bargaining agreements for
current and retired employees over hourly pay, pension plans and health
care coverage.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Sandronsky120904.html>

Another View: The Triumph of Liberalism

Dave Stratman

The electoral campaign has finally crawled to its dreary and foreseeable
end: the victory of George W. Bush, anti-"red state" hysteria and
despair among Kerry supporters, and the effective end of the antiwar

Those millions of Americans appalled at the continuing carnage in Iraq
must step back from the electoral debacle and draw the right lessons
from it, beginning by examining the role of the Democratic Party and the
liberal agenda in the antiwar movement.

The struggle against the War on Terror, or whatever name we wish to give
the policy of pre-emptive wars endorsed by both candidates, is the most
important struggle of our lifetimes. To succeed in it, we need now to
establish a new antiwar movement on a broader popular basis than the one
which chose to self-destruct in the Kerry campaign. To do this we must
first step outside the mind-set which dismisses as mere bigotry the
moral concerns of Americans who oppose gay marriage and abortion and
other items on the liberal agenda such as gun control and affirmative
action, but who are also deeply opposed to this criminal war.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Stratmanreprint120904.html>

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