[Marxism] Shattered Glass

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 9 15:00:06 MST 2004

	I've seen this on DVD. The DVD also has interviews in the magazine
section with Chuck Lane and Glass himself, which are very interesting. The
New Republic's Literary Editor, who seemed to sense that he was 'too good to
be true' at the time is particularly scathing.

	Glass seemed to have great skill and charm at manipulating the
paper's story conference to his advantage. He is supposed to have succeeded
because, as a fact checker (sub-editor who verifies stories) himself, he
knew the drill and used his own notes to verify his stories. Adam Penenberg,
a journalist with Forbes, is supposed to be the one who rumbled him.
Apparently it was only when Chuck Lane, at the Forbes editor's instigation,
tried to contact some of the people listed (complete with phone numbers)
that he became suspicious. Glass even used his brother's ansaphone machine
(as the Jukt Micronics director's line) and set up some phony websites (like
Jukt, which was set up on Compuserve or AOL members pages IIRC) to lend
plausibility to his stuff. The explanation offered was that he was
psychologically disturbed. From the interview this does not seem to be
so--he seems like a remorseless, con man who will do whatever it takes.

	To me, what came across was that trying to fool the US press won't
work as the system will find you out. You might try to whitewash at the
Whitehouse but old Ben Bradlee and his boys will be on your tail. So it just
adds to the myth making process. Another one, that occurs more often, is
that if you get the secret to the Great Wizard or King (US Chief Justice or
President) in time they will be able to set the world to rights once more
and foil the evil ones.

Worth watching though


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