[Marxism] RE: [reparations and Black succession] AN OPEN LETTER TO MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN

Lil Joe joe_radical at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 9 15:16:56 MST 2004


Are you suggesting the American ruling class (capitalists) and United States
government of the bureaucratic military state would yield significant
portions of its territory -- say, the industrial East-Coast, and/or the
industrial Midwest, or California, to African Americans? This is where Black
worker's are concentrated. Do you honestly believe that the American
capitalists and state will yield its industrial states, the productive
forces and financial institutions in these areas to the Black working-class
simply because the African Americans vote for succession? And the UN says

Notwithstanding significant UN opposition, America invaded, and now brutally
occupy Iraq. Americans are not even willing to give Iraq to the Iraqis, and
must be forced out by armed struggle. It is not possible for African
Americans, who are but 10-12% of the American population to wage armed
struggle and win a war against the US armed forces seeking succession. You
see what's happening in Fallujah, and in Iraq there are tens of millions of
Iraqis supporting, if not participating in the armed resistance. A 'race
war' in America would result of mass slaughter of African Americans, a
single nuclear bomb on Detroit for instance.

Nor should we seek 'race war', which in reality is not only not an option,
but Black folk don't want it. We are not suicidal.

Black Americans are primarily working class, and it is with other American
workers that Blacks must unite, based on common class objectives. While only
10-12% of the American population, Blacks are 30%of organized labor. The
'common objective' ought to be the formulation of an American labor party
based financially on trade unions, and socially in the working class as a
whole, from which the Black as well as White capitalists, and members of the
Democratic as well as the Republican party, are excluded. The common
objective of a working class party has to be the winning of the battle of
democracy, legislating a working class agenda -- up to and including the
expropriation of capitalist class property, the productive forces and
financial institutions.

By uniting the class, without regard to race, gender, religion or ethnicity,
winning the battle of democracy means becoming the majority in the House of
Representatives, thus legislating the transfer of the productive forces and
financial institutions from the private property of capitalists to the
public property of the working class. The issue of racial reperations will
thus become mute, since public ownership of the productive forces, with
workers self-management of industry and agriculture will have as its
economic objective the elemination of capitalist commodity production and
wage labor, thus ending markets and money.

A Labor dominated House of Representatives must become the government -
abolishing the Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court, and crushing the
existing bureaucratic-military state, abolishing the Pentagon and  standing

Of course the capitalists, and the military officer corp will not give up
without a fight. But, having won the battle of Democracy, the labor
dominated House of Representatives would be in the political position, and
have objective moral authority to call on the working class rank and file of
the armed forces to mutiny on the side of the House of Representatives.

Lil Joe

ps: check out http://www.laborpartypraxis.org/
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  Subject: [Africa-Politics] Re: [unioNews] AN OPEN LETTER TO MINISTER LOUIS

  As-Salaam-Alaikum, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Minister Al-Arkam

  I join in the discussion and the call for unity of Minister Al-Arkam. I
too am respectfully oppossed to another march, simply because the next day
we are in the same position. Instead I would suggest a strategy that takes
us from servitude and oppression to liberation called a "Plebiscite". I do
so because it is apparent that we have the same goal in mind, which is a
territorial inter-succession from the U.S.

  Accordingly, the strategy of a  UN monitored 'democratic' vote in all 50
states will take us from A to B. The processes and the result of the vote
will 'unify' any difference[If any] that we have in approach. As you know
the Muslims [Point 4 of what the Muslim wants] for his brother and himself
has been for over 40 years these types of self-controlled territories.
Likewise, the African Indians have long sought these type of territories.
Similarly the Africans in America who are Tri-Racial and indigenous are
entitled to these lands as reparative tithes.

  In this regards, I join Minister Al-Arkam and Silas Muhammad to urge you
most respectfully to join us in proceeding out of America to the UN. I do so
out of no secret or hidden agenda of my own to undermine your undying
efforts to bring our people together, I am simply suggesting a legal
methodology to do so. I do so in the name of our political father [The
Honorable Elijah Muhammad], our brother {Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz} my current
Imam {Imam Jamil Al-Amin} , our ancestors and children.

  I have a staff of International lawyers that will wind us through the UN
and I am totally willing to share duties and obligations with NOI, Brother
Silis, Panthers, NCOBRA, Baptist, CARR, NBUF, and anyone else who desires to
obtain a distinct self-determining identity. In this regards, I have no
discernible ego, except to insist on being free from the authority of

  On this Saturday we will be discussing the implementation of the aforesaid
Plebiscite with activist, groups, African Indians and interested Africans in
12 states and I invite you not only to participate but to sit as Co-chairs
on the Indigenous Plebiscite Committee [IPC] as it will take a joint effort
to hold a National Plebiscite.

  I am also inviting to serve as Co-Chairs,

  Eleanor[Gypsy Wyatt} Chairman or Angela Molete of the 5 civilized Tribes
  Kwaku Duren National Panther Vangard Movement
  Brother Pruitt Committe for African American Reparations
  Dr. Nikita Imani -Indigenous African American ReparationsTribunal
  Shereeta Lacy Youth NCOBRA
  Dr. Conrad Worrill NBUF
  Ukali -Republic of New Africa [RNA]
  Randall Robinson
  Manning Marable
  El-Zakur Washita Tribe
  Queen Quet -Gullah Geechee
  Empress Chi [Million Womens march]

  This list is not exclusive and does not serve as a list of exclusion of
any and every qualified African in any of the 50 states.

  The telephone number for Saturdays conference is 641-497-7300
  Access code 784315
  Time Saturday December 11th at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Standard time.

  Dr. Mustafa Ansari
  Chief Justice
  Indigenous African American Reparations Tribunal

    As-Salaam-Alaikum, Minister Louis Farrakhan:

      I hope that this letter finds you and your entire family in the best
    of spiritual and physical health.

      Thank you for making Reparations for our long-suffering people one of
    your top priorities.

     Thank you also for inviting me to accompany you in March 1977 on your
    visit to both Egypt and Uganda, where I was blessed to interview
    President Idi Amin (may peace be upon him).
    The articles commemorating that historic tour were published in Bilalian
    News, First World and Sepia.

      Recently the moderator of BlackSolutions at yahoo groups.com asked the
    members to share their views on the next Million Man March planned for
    2005.  Some were pro, others were con.

      In a message entitled "Are Leaders Willing To Set Aside Egos And Unite
    On Reparations Demand?" I wrote that, instead of another march,  I
    believe that our people would obtain a far greater benefit if all the
    Civil Rights and Black Nationalists leaders would confer and agree upon
    a common strategy to secure Reparations.

      In addition to yourself, some of the other leaders I have in mind
    include:  Representative Cynthia McKinney, Representative John Conyers,
    Professor Charles Ogletree, Mr. Silis Muhammad, Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, Dr.
    Mustafa Ansari, Professor Manning Marable, Mr. Randall Robinson and
    Elder Osiris Akkebala.

      For the past twelve years a few dedicated African-American scholars
    and activists (including Mr. Muhammad, Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Akkebala) have
    been working inside the United Nations to establish Human Rights and
    secure Reparations for all Afro-Descendants in the Western Hemisphere.
    In numerous interventions before diverse U.N. bodies, including the
    Human Rights Commission, they have documented how the U.S. government's
    long-term practices of ethnocide and forced assimilation blatantly
    violate U.N. Covenants.  They have also called upon the U.N. to place a
    Reparations Sanction upon the guilty USA.

      Although I have every right to politely express my views on the March
    and to request that all leaders who desire Reparations work together
    more closely, a person who identified himself as one of your followers
    reacted in a very disrespectful and emotional manner to my perspective.
    Reuben Muhammad inaccurately charged me with disrespecting you and
    compared me to a devil and a hypocrite. (See his message #3369 posted on
    December 6th).

      One of the reasons I am writing this Open Letter is to let you know
    that I am well aware that the rude and abrasive language of Reuben
    Muhammad does not properly reflect you as a leader, nor does it properly
    reflect the civilized attitudes of the vast majority of Muslims I have
    encountered over the decades.

      In contrast to his harsh verbal attack, which mistakenly assumes that
    I have evil motives, I want to commend some of your followers here in
    Boston who have repeatedly shown me respect and courtesy and who have
    always been shown respect and courtesy by myself and the other followers
    of Mr. Silis Muhammad.

      Circa 1995 some friction occurred in Boston between your followers and
    the followers of my leader, Mr. Silis Muhammad, as they were
    enthusiastically selling the Final Call and Muhammad Speaks in Roxbury.
    To our credit, Minister Don Muhammad and I spoke by phone and agreed
    that there was absolutely no reason for any friction or conflict.  And
    that established enduring peace.

       Many times since then I have seen Assistant Minister Rodney Muhammad
    at the WRBB Radio station, where we both have programs, and each time we
    have greeted each other with courtesy.  The same was true when we both
    addressed the opening session of the National Black Agenda Convention
    earlier this year.

      All Afro-Descendants have the right to freely follow whichever leader
    they deem worthy of support.  And no one should verbally attack a
    brother or sister for favoring or disfavoring a march as a strategy or

      I am certain that our people, who have now been in bondage for 449
    years, yearn for the day when all the Civil Rights and Black Nationalist
    leaders will stand on the same platform and communicate to them A SHARED

      As I explained to the members of Black Solutions, this is not an
    either-or situation.  Many of our people may choose to both March on
    Washington again AND encourage our best and brightest scholars and
    activists (including yourself and Mr. Silis Muhammad) to converge on
    Geneva, Switzerland and take a UNITED STAND ON REPARATIONS at the next
    meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

      According to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (may peace forever be upon
    Him) there will be no peace anywhere on Earth until the so-called
    Negroes (today identified as Afro-Descendants) are separated from our
    open enemies and return to our Original Homeland.

      For us Reparations means far more than financial restitution for 310
    years of chattel slavery and many subsequent decades of de-facto
    apartheid.  Reparations means Restoration.  We deserve our own
    Government and our own Economy on some of this Earth that we can call
    our own.

      Thank you for reading this letter.

    Minister Malik Al-Arkam

    "All of us may not live to see the higher accomplishments of an African
empire, so strong and powerful as to compel the respect of mankind, but we
in our lifetime can so work and act as to make the dream a possibility
within another generation"
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