[Marxism] How Capitalism Destroys the Young

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Thu Dec 9 17:53:15 MST 2004


premiss 1: a society exists which ruins children's lives
premiss 2: that society is capitalist
conclusion: capitalist society ruins children's lives "

Actually that was not what was going through my mind. Since this is called 
the Marxism list, I assumed people would already draw the connections between
capital and misery from their own understanding themselves. The reason 
I posted the piece was to show the extent of this misery, in quantified form, on
the future generation, and because the data stands in stark contrast to capitalist claims 
about its viability and desirability as a system.

Neoliberals can and do argue that the solution is more capitalism. But again, what I
did was post an article given certain assumptions about most people on this list, not
as some kind of substitute for an entire exegisis on why neoliberal thinking is wrong.

But you can see for yourself that it is wrong based on the historical data and facts
concering how the advanced countries built up their wealth and how the poorer countries
have stayed poor. On this score I recommend sections of M. Yate's book 'Naming the System',
and M. Shahid Alam's 'A Civilizing Mission: Some Economic Results":

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