[Marxism] Looting of Iraq Museum

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 10 10:51:08 MST 2004


Does anyone know of any good articles online detailing the circumstances 
surrounding the looting of the Museum of Antiquity in Iraq around one year 
ago? I have not found any articles in the marxmail archives dealing with the 
whys and wherefores of this sad event. I bring this up in relation to a 
comment I heard to the effect that Iraq needs a strong governmental force to 
prevent widespread anarchy in the country. Of course, the 'anarchy' is 
entirely a product of foreign military assault and economic strangulation, 
not to mention the well-documented complete indifference of the occupiers to 
such instances of social disintegration. Still, I would like to know more 
about the details of this particular 'crime'. Were the looters hoping to 
sell museum artifacts on the black market, for example? If so, is there any 
indication that they were they successful? Thanks in advance.

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