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The fate of wild life in our urban environments is a big deal, and is becoming more common. 

 Your experience reminds me of something that happened to my companion and myself some years ago. In Highland California (65 miles east of Los Angeles) where we were living at the time, a flock of feral Indian Ringneck parakeets somehow established themselves. Like most parrots, ringnecks nest in hollows in trees. One pair established a nest  in a big tree and were raising young.  This attracted the attention of a number of bird watchers in the area, who enjoyed watching the birds raising their young. The tree was on a common area of a private homeowners association (HOA). The  HOA did not, apparently, like the constant foot traffic the birds were provoking (they probably didn't like the noise, either, the birds were noisy). One day, the management went out and chopped the tree down, with the young birds in the nest (!). The tree was carted away. No provision was made for the young birds. We found out about it that night and made somewhat of a stink about it locally. The HOA management could have cared less.In hindsight, I should have tried to get the local DA to prosecute for animal cruelty or sued- given the conservative jurisdiction of San Bernardino County, it would have not gotten very far.

       In the case of the hawks' nest, animal cruelty charges under a local ordinance or state statute may be a possibility, as may some sort of tort case by the residents of the building on which the hawks' nested.  Steve

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It is hard for me to express the feelings of disgust I have for the denizens of 927 Fifth Avenue responsible for this cruel, insensitive and ultimately barbaric act. A website devoted to restoring the nest can be found at: http://www.palemale.com/. It has some wonderful pictures of the bird, his mate and their offspring. 
The Times reported that while red-tailed hawks are protected under the federal Migratory Species Treaty, the law does not prohibit removal of an "inactive" nest -- one containing no chicks, eggs or nestlings. This according to Nicholas Throckmorton, a spokesmen for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who okayed the removal of the nest. I can't say that this surprises me that much. The Bush administration, like the Reagan administration before it, has a knack for hiring people who are hostile to the aims of the government agencies they supervise. 
This brutal act obviously resonates with other things going on in the world involving human beings. One cannot but think of the thousands of New Yorkers who are homeless now, victims of the same cruel economic forces ultimately under the control of the kinds of people who destroyed the nest. 
We are also inevitably reminded of Palestinians who lose their homes as an act of collective punishment wrought by the Zionist state. 

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