[Marxism] US support for Bolivar query (cont.)

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Fri Dec 10 12:12:46 MST 2004

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phantasmagorias at yahoo.com writes:
I'm still hoping that some knowledgeable list members
will guide me to some online sources on this issue.

You may try Eduardo Galeano's exhaustinve history of Latin America, titled 
'Open Veins'.

I have a copy but recently shipped it back to Scotland. It provides an 
excellent political and social history of the region, which does include a lot on 
Simon Bolivar and the struggle he led for independence.

As I haven't read it for a while I am unable to give any more info than that, 
however, I am currently working my way through a history of Haiti and was 
impressed to find that when Bolivar was desititute and his movement near 
collapse, the Haitian Republic, itself under siege by the French, English, Spanish and 
US, gave him sanctuary and money to help him continue. Their only condition 
to this help was that he free the slaves throughout Latin America.


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