[Marxism] CBS News: 5, 500 servicemen have deserted since the war started in Iraq.

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Sat Dec 11 11:05:59 MST 2004

Deserters: We Won't Go to Iraq

     Wednesday 08 December 2004

     The Pentagon says more than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since 
the war started in Iraq.

     60 Minutes Wednesday found several of these deserters who left the 
Army or Marine Corps rather than go to Iraq. Like a generation of 
deserters before them, they fled to Canada.

     What do these men, who have violated orders and oaths, have to say 
for themselves? They told Correspondent Scott Pelley that conscience, 
not cowardice, made them American deserters.

[...]  Brandon Hughey [...] says at first, he was willing to die "to 
make America safe." And while Hughey was in basic training, he didn't 
get much news. But when he left basic training, he started following the 
latest information from Iraq.

     "I found out, basically, that they found no weapons of mass 
destruction. They were beginning to come out and say it's not likely 
that we will find any - and the claim that they made about ties to al 
Qaeda was coming up short, to say the least," says Hughey. "It made me 
angry, because I felt our lives were being thrown away as soldiers, 

When Hughey got orders for Iraq, he searched the Internet and found 
Vietnam era war resisters willing to show him the way north. In fact, 
they were willing to drive him there, and a Canadian television news 
camera went along.

Hughey had an invitation to stay with a Quaker couple that helped 
Americans avoid the draft during Vietnam. From Fort Hood, Texas, to St. 
Catherine's in Ontario, Canada, Hughey crossed the border, duty free.

[...] Only a few of the reported 5,500 deserters are in Canada, but 
[Toronto lawyer, Jeffry] House says he's getting more calls from nervous 
soldiers all the time.

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