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Sat Dec 11 13:58:05 MST 2004

I'd be curious to know what you found inspiring about the Dawkins works you mention. Dawkins is fantastic on questions of science versus superstition (see his latest Devil's Disciple, his interviews on the web, etc.). But Gould and Eldredge (the latter most effectively) have criticized his reductionist (as opposed to hierarchical, structured) approach when it comes to evolutionary theory.

I admit I haven't read the Dawkins originals, just the critiques.

P.S. Physicist Steven Weinberg is similar to Dawkins in being a great polemicist on behalf of science, but a reductionist in method (and a Zionist to boot).

-- Joonas Laine <jjonas at nic.fi> wrote:
> I wonder if anyone can recommend any good (fairly easily 
> comprehensible!) books providing a fully rigorous and
> scientific defence of (broadly) Darwinian evolutionary 
> theory. Is Stephen Jay Gould a good person to read on
> the natural origins and development of animal/human life?

i'm no expert on evolutionary theory, but i've found
richard dawkins' 'the selfish gene', 'the extended phenotype' and 'the 
blind watchmaker' (of which the last one deals explicitly with how 
evolution works) inspiring

jjonas @ nic.fi

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