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FF> You will begin to realize why the capacity to kill for a cause and
FF> the capacity to die for a cause are not opposites -- the first a
FF> characteristic of the bad people (the Americans) and the other a
FF> quality of the good people (their victims). These two characteristics
FF> are an integrated whole, they go together.

  I would like to add what I learned from the Vietnam war: there is no  
absolute limit to suffering which people are ready to endure for  
cause, the limit is only in the relation between their sense of  
purpose and the level of suffering.

  That is why Fidel Castro can say it again and again, and I like to  
repeat him: a people which has concsiouly chosen to fight for its  
freedom cannot be defeated.

  I wanted to add this observation of mine in the discussion on the  
demise of the revolution in Nicaragua.

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