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JB> Ernest Mandel

   Excellent article, although at the moment I have only read the last  
part which appeared as the first installment in the MarxMail forder. I  
think you should have posted the article as _one_ email instead of  
three pieces. I would have started with the first part...

JB> I made a translation of this article by Mandel in the 1980s and
JB> edited it for readability

   For readability you should have placed an empty line between the  

JB> - it originally appeared in Marxismus und Anthropologie (Bochum:
JB> Germinal, 1980) which was a volume of essays in honour of Leo Kofler,
JB> but I based my translation on a subsequent Flemish version appearing
JB> in Toestanden (Antwerp), vol 1 no. 3, August 1981, adding a few
JB> notes. It might be of interest to a few readers, though possibly a
JB> bit dated nowadays - JB).

  Thanks for the hint, I will try and get the original German  

  BTW, as to the final paragraph citing Engels, "General" also wrote  
in a letter to Marx that bonapartism seemed to be the normal form of  
capitalist rule, i.e. that the capitalists as such assign the tasks of  
administering their state either to the landed aristocracy as in  
England or to a caste of professional politicians.

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