[Marxism] call for articles

George Snedeker snedeker at concentric.net
Sun Dec 12 11:32:18 MST 2004

The journal SOCIALISM AND DEMOCRACY invites short essays (ca. 2,000-3,000 words) for possible publication in a  symposium to appear in the early summer of 2005.
 The purpose of the essays should be to address strategic priorities for the Left (U.S. and/or international) in light of your assessment of (a) the current
political situation and (b) the relevance to it of S&D's focus on the centrality---in the long term---of going beyond capitalism.  This call is deliberately
couched in the most general terms.  The intent is not to dispute the importance of particular issues or constituencies, but rather to challenge all of
us---both writers and readers---to look toward the basis for developing a movement that is at once cohesive and inclusive.

essays should be submitted in Word by Jan. 5 to Victor Wallis at  zendive at aol.com you can also cc a copy to me if you like at snedeker at concentric.net

George Snedeker

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