[Marxism] Journalist who blew whistle on CIA drug involvement takes life - Sacram. Bee

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sun Dec 12 19:02:21 MST 2004

  I've seen the video footage from the town hall meeting. The CIA 
director looked pretty pathetic. It was quite obvious, from his 
mannerism, that he was lying through his teeth.  From what I could 
see from the video, most of the audience were African American. 
At certain points in the video it looked as if they were going to rip 
the CIA's director's head off !

During question period, a former LAPD officer grilled the CIA 
director with loud applause from the audience. I forget his name, 
but this guy has written extensively about the CIA drug trade. I first 
heard about him through a video he made about 9-11, this is where 
I saw the scene from the townhall meeting. In the video, he 
basically goes into length at how the CIA funds their "activities" 
through drug trafficking. He said that this continues to be the 
modus operandi for funding the organization and even names CIA 
organizations acting as fronts groups for the drug trade. He 
became aware of the CIA activities  after being assigned to some 
joint LAPD- FBI drug task  while at the PD. Thorugh the task force, 
he uncovered how the CIA had be working with members of some 
"elite" LAPD drug squad (most of whom have since been thrown in 
jail) to sell cocaine in poorer areas of the city. Predicably he wasn't 
allowed to make the finding public and  was eventually turfed out of 
the department. Apparently he was also the target of permanent 
"hush" campaign -- abeit unsuccessful one -- for quite a while after 
leaving the department. 


From:           	Ralph Johansen <michele at maui.net>

> Mr. Webb, who was based in the newspaper's Sacramento 
bureau, authored a
> three-part investigative series in 1996 that linked the CIA to 
> Contras seeking to overthrow the Sandin ista government and to 
> sales of
> crack cocaine flooding south-central Los Angeles in the 1980s.
> The series, "Dark Alliances: The Story Behind the Crack 
Explosion," was
> controversial almost from the start.
> Even as newspapers nationwide carried versions of Mr. Webb's 
reporting and
> congressional leaders called for investigations, the CIA director 
at the
> time visited Los Angeles for an unprecedented town hall meeting 
with area
> residents at which he denied the allegations and was met with 
loud jeers.

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