[Marxism] Reply to Tom on the meaning of capitalism and statecapitalism

Mahmood ketabchi mekchi at verizon.net
Mon Dec 13 21:51:29 MST 2004

Jurriaan Wrote:

"I think that every sentence in Mahmood Ketabchi's criticism of my viewpoint 
is incorrect, and moreover it blatantly disregards what I said about the 
topic. If this is "Marxism", I want nothing to do with it, and I don't 
propose to discuss the topic further at this stage."

Why are you so dismissive and enraged? That is quite amazing!!  You are defining capitalism by market and private property ownership. That is a misleading characterization of Marx's criticism of capitalism that led to the failure of socialist revolution in Russia.   I refuted your viewpoint and stated that Marx's entry point to analyze capitalism is class relations, that is, production and appropriation of surplus value.  Exploitation for Marx has an specific meaning.  It can exist in the absence of private property ownership and market relations as we know them in the western capitalist societies.  

You made no attempt to prove me wrong. Yet you propose to close the discussion.  Maybe you feel that debating capitalism and Marxism is a territory that only you and a group of your preferred people can enter and others especially me cannot step inside it.  If that is the case ask Louis to unsubscribe me.                   


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