[Marxism] Support still needed for jailed Australian trade unionist! Free Craig Johnston

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Tue Dec 14 00:03:31 MST 2004

Dear comrades,

We still need your support to help free Craig Johnston. If you and/or 
your organisation is in a position to support the statement below please 
do so. Send a message seeking to be included to <sueb at dsp.org.au>  <mailto:sueb at dsp.org.au> . For more information about Craig's case, 
and the real reasons he has been jailed, visit 
http://www.greenleft.org.au and http://www.defendcraigjohnston.info

Free Craig Johnston!
Trade union leader jailed for defending workers

Former AMWU Victorian secretary Craig Johnston was jailed for nine 
months by the Victorian Supreme Court on 27 August for taking part in 
brief occupations of the premises of Skilled Engineering and Johnson 
Tiles during an industrial dispute over job cuts in 2001.

All social protest movements  the student movement, environment 
movement, anti-racism movement, womens movement and others  as well as 
the trade union movement, have at times occupied or walked through 
premises. Sometimes this has resulted in damage to property.

No trade unionist or political activist should be jailed for taking part 
in such a protest.

This nine month jail sentence is totally disproportionate. For all the 
workplace deaths and injuries suffered by Australian workers every year 
 including thousands of deaths caused by James Hardie asbestos products 
- you wont find one single employer behind bars.

Despite 17 others being arrested during the industrial dispute at 
Johnson Tiles in Melbourne in 2001, only Craig Johnston has been jailed. 
The others either had their charges dismissed or received good behaviour 

Some of the Johnson Tiles workers havent worked since the dispute. 
Johnson Tiles has not been prosecuted for stripping away the livelihoods 
of the 29 workers, and yet one of the unionists defending jobs is in jail.

Fifteen unions in Victoria have signed a statement calling for the 
release of Craig Johnston. We join them in calling for the immediate 
release of Craig Johnston.

If you wish to add your name to this statement, email <sueb at dsp.org.au> <mailto:sueb at dsp.org.au> or post to: Free Craig Johnston Campaign, PO Box 12263, A'Beckett St, Melbourne, Victoria 3006, Australia. For further information, phone Sue Bolton: 0413-377-978.



Jon Bekken, International Solidarity Commission, Industrial Workers of the World;

Canada: Greg Albo, Toronto, Ontario;

Cambodia: Dr Helen Jarvis, Phnom Penh; 

Chile: Independent Union Movement;

China: Adrian Keefe, Pingyuan University;

Colombia: Sinaltrainal Industrial Food Union;

Denmark: Jørgen Arbo, union branch, The Red Green Alliance; Jette Kromann; Hamid Sotoude,

Iranian political refugee;

El Salvador: Pedro Pena, International Representative, Movimiento Unidad Revolucionaria (M.U.R).;

France: Pierre Rousset, Europe Solidaire Sans Frontière (ESSF); Alain Krivine, former European Parliamentarian (MEP) and spoke person of LCR; Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR); 

India: Srilata Swaminathan,vice president, All India Central Council of Trade Unions and president, All India  Progressive Women's Association;  Dipankar Bhattacharya, General Secretary, CPI(ML) Liberation, New Delhi; B. Sivaraman, editor, Liberation, CPI (M-L); P.K. Murthy, All India Federation of Trade Unions; Kunal Chattopadhyay, Reader in History, Jadavpur University, Calcutta; Soma Marik, Reader in History, RKS Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, West Bengal; Tapan Bose, Government Employees Union, West Bengal; Sushovan Dhar, Calcutta; Neeraj Jain, LOKAYAT; Sushovan Dhar, Calcutta; 

Indonesia: National Front for Labour Struggle in Indonesia (FNPBI); Zely Ariane, Secretary General & Internationl Officer, People's Democratic Party; Rebecca Meckelburg, economics lecturer, University of Islam; Roni, FSPMI;

Japan: Kenji Kunitomi, Japan Revolutionary Communist League; 

South Korea: YungChan Choi, All Together;

Malaysia: Arif Abdullah;

Mauritius: Lindsey Collen, Lalit;

Mexico: Prof. Octavio Ibarra, 30th Technical Secondary School, Malpaso, Calvillo, Aguascalientes

New Zealand: Maire Leadbeater, Member PSA; Matt McCarten, Leader of the NZ Alliance Party and secretary of the Unite Workers Union; Youssef Mourra; Don Franks, voluntary organiser, UNITE; Dougal McNeill, Association of University Staff, Wellington; Daphne Lawless, Association of University Staff, Wellington & co-editor, Socialist Worker; Lynda Boyd, organiser, UNITE; Thomas O'Neill, organiser, SFWU; Denis O'Connor. Chairperson, Canterbury Regional Alliance Council Christchurch;

Philippines: Executive Committee, BMP(Solidarity of Filipino Workers); Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino-Pinagsanib (PMP or Workers Party of the Philippines-Merger); 

Scotland: Allan Green, SSP National Secretary, Steve Arnott, Regional 
Council, Highlands and Islands, Scottish Socialist Party; Frank Ward, 
Secretary, Caithness & Sutherland Branch, Scottish Socialist Party; 
Alister Black, SSP International Committee; Bill Scott, Shop Steward, 
National Union of Journalists, Scottish Socialist Party Group, Scottish 
Parliament; Tom Jones, St Andrews, Scotland; Dr Lani Russell, SSP 
research and media unit, Scottish Parliament; Lisa Young, Distribution 
Co-ordinator, Scottish Socialist Voice; Jo Harvie, Editor, Scottish 
Socialist Voice; Roz Paterson, Deputy Editor, Scottish Socialist Voice; 
Bob Goupillot, Scottish Socialist Party (Midlothian Branch); Linda 
Gibson, Scottish Socialist Party (Midlothian Branch); Les Robertson, 
branch organiser, Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Branch, Scottish Socialist 
Party; Dr Patrick Shaw, University of Glasgow, Scotland; Sarah Peart, 
Dennistoun branch, SSP; Matt Preston, Dennistoun branch, SSP; Julia 
Davidson, Edinburgh; Campbell McGregor, Kelvin West branch, SSP; Keef 
Tomkinson, SSP international committee/Maryhill South branch;

Switzerland: Colin Medland, Union Network International, Nyon;

Turkey: Levent Dalyan, International department, Communist Party of Turkey; 

Wales: Dr Barry Wilkins , Cardiff University; Professor Robin Attfield, Cardiff University;

South Africa: Dr. Dale  T. McKinley, Anti-Privatisation Forum; Thozama Hela, Eastern Cape Development Corporation;

UK: John Pilger, journalist; Dr Andrew McGonigal, University of Leeds; Vicki Morris, National Union of Journalists, London Branch; Narendra Mohan Kommalapti, Chelmsford;  Prof Alex Callinicos, University of York, York;  Professor John Divers, University of Sheffield; Norman Traub, RESPECT; Roland Rance, Chair, Amicus Central London (0692) & Secretary, Waltham Forest Trades Union Council; Dave Callaghan, SADP; Jim Jepps, 

Socialist Alliance national executive (England and Wales); Andy Newman, National Executive, Socialist Alliance; Lee Salter, University of the West of England;

USA: Caroline Lund,Trustee and member of Executive Board, United Auto Workers Local 2244, Fremont, California; Professor Brian Leiter, University of Texas, Austin; Nancy Reiko Kato, National Organiser, Radical Women; Brett Ward, UAW Local 1700; Megan Finn, community activist, Louisiana; Ricky F. Page, State Chair, Socialist Party of Pennsylvania/ SPUSA;


Federal department of Family & Community Services section council, CPSU; Jean Cockram; Craig Greer ; Lesley Cockram; Manuel Piris; Lyn Cockram; Jane Copeland; Margaret Campbell; Rodney Hall, novelist; Lliam Caulfield; Brett Naseby, project manager; Jessica Eggleton; Juliana Virine; LHMU; David Nicks; Michelle Yomtov; Richard Morris; Blakey Mulraney, SDA; Tom Morrison, Resistance; Socialist Alliance; Resistance; Socialist Party; Mark Emmerson, AMWU; Faye Sakaris; Jak Allison, EHSH; Codie Croasdale; Ashlea Kellner; 

ACT: Humphrey McQueen, historian; Nathan Gilbert Quimpo, Department of 
Political and Social Change, ANU; Lesley van der Velden; John van der 
Velden; Michael Karadjis; Dr Pat Brewer; Peter Ellett, Workplace 
Delegate, CPSU; Andrew Hall, workplace delegate, CPSU; Paul Oboohov, 
workplace delegate, CPSU; Stephanie Hicks, POACH; Sophie Singh, CPSU; 
James Vassilopoulos, AEU & Socialist Alliance; Dr Kristian Whittaker; 
Jane Keogh, ACT Refugee Action Committee; Russell Dovey; Dr Paul Kringas;

New South Wales: Susan Price, UNSW branch vice-president, NTEU; Newcastle University Students' Association;  Beatriz Bassi, delegate, PSA; Raul Bassi, TWU; Shane Bentley, MUA; John Percy, national secretary, Democratic Socialist Perspective in Socialist Alliance; Helen Bansgrove, IEU; Peter Boyle, national executive Socialist Alliance; Bea Brear, RTBU; Michelle Breer, UNSW branch cttee, NTEU, Kim Bullimore, NTEU; Brian Concannon, CFMEU; Charmaine Enright, delegate, CEPU-postal branch; Karol Florek, NUW; Dave Fox, delegate, AMWU; Adam Leeman, delegate, AMWU; Jenny Long, delegate, PSA; Angela Luvera, state councillor, NSWTF; Lachlan Malloch, delegate, PSA; Liam Mitchell, delegate, AMWU; Kylie Moon, CEPU; Noreen Navin, state councillor, NSWTF, Anne Picot, Sydney Univ, NTEU, Owen Richards, NSWTF; Graeme Robinson, state councillor, AMWU; Philippa Skinner, PSA; Jonathan Strauss, UTS branch cttee, NTEU; John Tognolini, state councillor, NSWTF; John Gauci, state councillor, NSWTF; Darren Whitaker, delegate, AMWU; Paul Benedek, Socialist Alliance; Brett Collins, Justice Action; Alison Dellit, editor, Green Left Weekly, Kerryn Williams, assistant editor, Green Left Weekly; Katie Emiston; Jill Hickson, Actively Radical TV; Justin Hughes; Stuart Munckton, national co-ordinator, Resistance; John Reynolds, Actively Radical TV; Amanda Lane; Amanda LeMay; Michael Whitbread, president, Newcastle University Students Association; Shauna-Marie Wilson; Bill Keats; Pip Hinman, Stop the War Coalition; Michael McKeon, Music Students' Representative, Newcastle University Students Association (NUSA); Mehrdad Valipour; Alex Miller, Macquarie University; Dale Mills, civil rights activist; Dr Pat Brewer; Bea Bleile, UNE branch cttee, NTEU; Canterbury-Bankstown Teachers Association; Brad Westlake, University of Sydney; Katie Cherrington, delegate, CPSU; Chris Pickering, delegate, PSA; Doreen Borrow, secretary, south coast branch, Australian Peace Committee; Kathleen Scott, branch cttee, Sydney University, NTEU; Tony Ramsay, University of New England; Andrew Watson, delegate, CPSU; Grant Focas, NSW PSA; Phil Dickie, TWU; Peter Robson, Vice President NUSA; Megan Conner, education officer, UWS-Bankstown campus; Jakki Trenbath; Mike Birch; Ray Jackson, president, Indigenous Social Justice Association Inc; Roberto Jorquera, CISLAC; Paddy Gibson, Sydney University National Union of Students delegate 2004; Claire Pettigrew, Univeristy of Technology, Sydney SRC Vice President; Hall Greenland, former Leichhardt councillor; Dr Nick Smith, Macquarie University; Ruth Ratcliffe, NSWTF; Rosemary Webb NTEU; Ammer Sabir; Jon Foye, student; Kathleen Scott, Sydney University branch committee, NTEU; Ronald Terence Gannon; Clint Bonser; Eddie King, MUA; Sam Sebastian Agostino; Sam Benjamin; Adam Donnelly, SDA; H. Wellsmore, NSWTF; Era Wellsmore; Jane Beckman, NSW Nurses Assoc; Kim Linden; Ben Reid, NTEU; Ian Mansfield, CFMEU; Lyn Mansfield; Niko Leka, NSWNA; T. O'Beirne, CFMEU; Katie Cherrington, delegate, CPSU; Brendan Rosser; Ali Aktas; Dr Nerida Burton, Blue Mountains for a Fairer Australia; Alfred Farmanian; Anna Samson, CPSU; Nick Fredman, Southern Cross University branch secretary, NTEU; Damian Cooper, NTEU; John Kirk, NSWTF;

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South Australia: Simon Wright, delegate, AMWU; John McGill, delegate, CEPU-postal branch; Bronwen Beechey, delegate, CPSU; Rob Graham, CPSU; Trish Nacey, documentary film-maker; Alan Kerley, AMWU; Emmo, AMWU; Sue McKay, delegate, CPSU; David Reeves; Vasilis Lazarou; Bill Weller, AMWU & Greens; Melissa Hughes, student;

Tasmania: Alex Bainbridge, AEU; Mandy Bowden, HACSU; Linda Seaborn, HACSU; Kamala Emmanuel, Socialist Alliance; David Nicks; D'Arcy Johnston; Dave Moore, Assistant Secretary, CEPU P&T branch;

Victoria: Tim Gooden, assistant secretary, Geelong & Region Trades & Labour Council; Wes Hayes, organiser, ETU; 

Vannessa Hearman, Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific; Terry Costello, CPSU Telecommunications Section Secretary and CPSU national Councillor; Refugee Action Collective; Dr Carol Williams, president, Monash branch, NTEU; Phil Andrews,vice-president (Academic), Monash, NTEU; Sandra Cockfield, secretary, Monash University Branch, NTEU; Jamie Doughney, president, Victoria University branch, NTEU;  Jeremy Smith, Vic division executive, NTEU; Melanie Lazarow, University of Melbourne branch executive; Norrian Rundle, state councillor, AEU; Mary Merkenich, state councillor, AEU; Mick Bull, CFMEU; Karen Fletcher, national councillor, NTEU; Chilean Popular and Indigenous Network; Joe Gorman, lawyer; Billy Love, Webb Dock, MUA; Sue Bull, Geelong Socialist Alliance & AEU; Bronwyn Jennings, state councillor, AEU; Alison Thorne, CPSU delegate; Debbie Brennan, ASU delegate; Graham Williams, delegate, AMWU; Stuart Martin, AMWU; Lisa Farrance, national councillor, NTEU; Natalie Zirngast, national councillor, NTEU; Sue Bolton, national trade union convenor, Socialist Alliance; Jody Betzien, delegate, ASU; Judy McVey, President, FaCS Section, CPSU; David Glanz, delegate, MEAA; Patrick McLiesh, delegate, CPSU; Ray Fulcher, delegate, CPSU; Chris Slee, CPSU; Cathy Molnar; David Latham, delegate, CPSU; Graham Matthews, Victorian convenor, Socialist Alliance; Viola Wilkins; Henk Eijkman, senior lecturer, Monash University; Steve Cilia, Vic Regional Councillor CPSU; Margarita Windisch, Victorian Peace Network; Rosalyn Townsend, delegate, CPSU; Kerry & Jason Potter; Louise Walker, delegate, NTEU; Zoe Kenny, Resistance; Manuel Perez, TWU; Lucho Riquelime, CFMEU; Brigitte Ellery,  Radical Women; Paul Coats, NUS National Education officer; Louisa Bassini, education officer, Latrobe University SRC; Rebecca Barrigos, queer officer, Melbourne University student union; Allison Hogg, education officer, VCA student union; Heidi Claus, campus chair, RMIT northern student union; Peter Murray, Freedom Socialist Party; Hannah Carrodus, academic; Enver Erdogan welfare officer, La Trobe University SRC & incoming 2005 President; Chris Johnson, Geelong Anti-War Coalition; Steven Curry, academic; Steve Presley, steward AMWU Gippsland; Judi Hale, student; Siobhan Lynch; Dr John Tully, lecturer, Victoria University & NTEU; Daryl Baker; Leigh Ewbank; Lalitha Chelliah, ASU; Ben Van Berkel, student; Jami Jones, Environment officer 2004, La Trobe University SRC; Chris Lewis, Queer officer 2004, La Trobe University SRC; Stephanie Vukadian, co-womens officer 2004, Latrobe University SRC; Rochelle Boland co-womens officer, 2004, La Trobe University SRC; Lindsay Rayner, 2004 president, La Trobe University SRC; James Crafti, La Trobe University SRC; 

Western Australia: Chris Cain, state secretary, MUA; Ian Bray, assistant state secretary, MUA; Greg Wilton, Vice President, ETU; Peter Carter; organiser; CEPU; Ian Gill, organiser, CEPU; Max Lane, Research Fellow, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University; Andrew Jamieson, MUA; Sam Wainwright, P&O committee, MUA; Anthony Benbow, state councillor, CEPU; Nikki Ulasowski, Socialist Alliance; Russell Pickering, Socialist Alliance; Fred Fuentes, UWA Guild Councillor and NUS delegate 2004-elect; John Tattersall, AMWU; Catherine White; Chris Latham, Murdoch branch, NTEU; Brett Linden, IT worker; Alan Wooodcraft; Don Cowan, ETU; Julie Simpson;


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