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JB> And Mandel seemed to us, rightly or wrongly, to be there at the
JB> centre of it.

   Who is this "we"?

   You did not mention Mandel's main work which is his leading role in  
the Fourth International over several decades.

JB> If you're interested in Mandel's work, the best place to start is
JB> with the preface to his two-volume book Marxist Economic Theory,

  Well, the number of volumes depends on language and edition. The  
french paperback version is in three volumes, the German edition (with  
a very bad translation) in one single volume (the book was originally  
written in French, while "Late Capitalism" was written in German).

  Besides, his 98-page booklet "An introduction to Marxist Economic  
Theory" might be even easier as a primer. It is still in print at  
Pathfinder Press (http://www.pathfinderpress.com/d000/44.shtm); they  
also sell a Spanish edition (Edición Era):

  Still at Pathfinder Press, one finds "The Marxist Theory of  
Alienation" with another article by George Novack:

  BTW, I got today the "Festschrift" for Leo Kofler with Mandel's  
article on the capitalist state in its original German.

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