[Marxism] Mandel's writings

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Dec 14 15:10:40 MST 2004

Hi Lueko,

"Who is this "we"?"

Myself and Geoffrey Pearce in the first instance, although there were other 
students who had also been reading Mandel, like Chris, Shane, Gerry and so 
on. We set up a Marxian Study Group in 1983, after the Marx centenary. It 
ran for about half a year or so. Andre Gunder Frank came to New Zealand and 
spoke at Rehua Marae, must have been 1980. We had these debates about 
export-led development versus import-substitution and so on.

You did not mention Mandel's main work which is his leading role in
the Fourth International over several decades.

It was not my purpose to make an assessment of his life and overall 
achievement, that was not the question I was asked. I was asked about his 
writings. I don't concern myself very much with his work these days, except 
for the occasional reference. Politically, I'm interested in different 
things now.

"Well, the number of volumes depends on language and edition. The
french paperback version is in three volumes, the German edition (with
a very bad translation) in one single volume (the book was originally
written in French, while "Late Capitalism" was written in German).

I am aware of all that - the content of the work was however in two volumes. 
The English translation, by Brian Pearce, was on the whole very good, and 
Pearce also checked all the notes.

Got to get on with things,



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