[Marxism] Bad things happen to people who get bad press

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Tue Dec 14 17:38:24 MST 2004

In a way, this merely serves the larger goal of reinforcing the 
institutionality (?) of patriarchy and the legitimacy of the state in 
mediating gender relations. Women are supposed to be passive victims, under 
the "protective" gaze of the state. So are their wombs. Compare this with 
the treatment received by the vast majority of the female population on 
Rikers Island, there because they lashed out at their abusers. (A friend 
and former professor who ran women's support groups on Rikers attested to 
this: I just don't remember if it was because they killed their abusers or 
simply -- "simply"! -- responded to brutality with aggravated assault or 
the like). Do they get ANY coverage, much less a sympathetic hearing?


At 11:36 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
>Something to add to what Fred says (all of which are important points): 
>I've tried to avoid following the case for the usual reasons, but should 
>have dipped into it a little just to see how they covered her as a victim. 
>Lord knows the wives murdered in New York EVERY DAY get one column buried 
>inside the Metro section IF THEY'RE LUCKY (sic).
>But looking at Laci's picture again I wondered about her ethnicity, and it 
>seems she was half-Latino. Has any of the media coverage picked up on 
>this? Certainly don't hear it on the ad nauseam CNN coverage when I'm 
>forced to see it at work. (And I notice the photo in the Washington Post 
>of those rallying for the death penalty hones in on two Latinas.

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