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another addition to what Jurrian suggested.  mandel's long prefaces to 
the new (penguin/vintage) editions of Capital.  these are great guides 
to 3 volumes of Capital plus good examples of critical literature review 
type essays on Marxist economic theory at the time.

btw, I produced a video of Shaikh/Mandel global economic crisis panel 
(NYC/Socialist Scholars Conferenece) in the 80's where Mandel publicly 
announced Anwar as the most important Marxist economist at the time.

acpollack2 at juno.com wrote:

> A couple additions to what Jurriaan wrote. First, Late Capitalism is a great example of what Jurriaan refers to vis-a-vis Marxist Economic Theory, i.e. an effort to "actually develop Marx's theory, using the new findings of the modern sciences, like Marx himself did." In the case of Late Capitalism, this meant, among other things, trying to integrate the various causes of crisis; to take a new look at technological development and its limits; and to reassess competing theories of imperialism.
> His "Leninist Theory of Organization" had a big impact on me. It was the first thing I'd read that made clear there was more to organizing than the party/united front dichotomy. Specifically this meant in the '70s that the SWP/mass antiwar movement pair, while important (and we could do much, much worse today, in fact we are!), did not grapple with other possible intermediate forms of organization (which could, for example, take up tasks of solidarity with liberation movements).
> Whether the pro-Mandel European sections did anything worthwhile with this theory is another question....
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