[Marxism] Re: State capitalism: some quick replies to Joe and Phil

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Dec 14 20:22:02 MST 2004

>>Czarist Russia is best compared to Ottoman Turkey, not Sweden.<<

It's Stalinist Russia we were talking about. In one sense I agree that it
makes more sense to compare the USSR with a more backward western
capitalist country, because frankly I think the USSR was a pretty backward
capitalist country. Ditto "socialist" Poland. Both of which I visited in

But given most people on this list think Soviet society was more advanced
than capitalism, it seemed relevant to measure it against an advanced
capitalist country. Surely after 50 years of industrialisation, Actually
Existing Socialism should be able to withstand such a comparison.

The issue isn't egalitarianism, but what proportion of surplus value goes
to the social wage. My guess is, Sweden would come out ahead, which means
on Joe's reckoning, the USSR must have been more capitalist.

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