[Marxism] Yushchekno Poison Case a Fraud?

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Wed Dec 15 08:32:23 MST 2004


The Yushchenko 'Poison Plot' Fraud
He's poisoning Ukrainian politics with lies
by Justin Raimondo

*T*he headlines blared: "Doctors Confirm Yushchenko Poison Claim 
– and, yes, even I believed it. But, you know what? It's a lie. And now 
the truth is coming out….

I /knew/ there was something fishy about the whole 
<http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=327954>" narrative, 
even as I blindly accepted the pronouncement of Dr. Michael Zimpfer, of 
the Rudolfinerhaus clinic <http://www.rudolfinerhaus.at/> in Vienna, 
that tests had "proved" the poisoning hypothesis, and he now considers 
the "case closed <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/ID/6697752/>." To begin with, 
dioxin as a tool of would-be assassins just doesn't make a whole lot of 
sense: the victim would take far too long to die, and, besides that, not 
a single case <http://www.dioxinspin.com/tox_acute_exposure.htm> of 
death-by-dioxin poisoning has ever been recorded. Another suspicious 
adjunct to this story: Yushchenko declared that he wants to delay the 
into who poisoned him until after the December 26 election. The 
ostensible reason <http://www.antiwar.com/blog/index.php?id=P1538> for 
this is Yushchenko's high-mindedness, expressed with the requisite 
statesman-like gravitas:

/"I don't want this factor to influence the election in some way – 
either as a plus or a minus. This question will require a great deal of 
time and serious investigation. Let us do it after the election – today 
is not the moment."/

How noble! And, as it turns out, how utterly phony….

Surely, one might assume, a man with a "Dr." in front of his name is a 
sacred oracle, from whom only truth can spring: and, in any case, 
Zimpfer was the doctor in charge of the case – right?

Wrong. In news accounts of the Yushchenko "poisoning" mystery, Zimpfer 
is variously described as the "president" or the "head" of the 
Rudolfinerhaus clinic, but a better description of his position is 
"administrative chief." His official title is President of the clinic's 
Board of Supervisors. The chief medical doctor at the clinic, who 
supervised and had first-hand knowledge of Yushchenko's case, was Dr. 
Lothar Wicke <http://isbndb.com/d/person/wicke_lothar.html>. I put that 
in the past tense because, on December 9, Dr. Wicke resigned. It seems 
that his skeptical remarks concerning the unproven status of the 
"poisoning" accusations had proved injurious to his health. At a news 
conference held just after Yushchenko's first visit to Rudolfinerhaus, 
Dr. Wicke had accused unnamed individuals not on the medical staff of 
spreading "medically falsified diagnoses concerning the condition of Mr. 
Yushchenko." He also pointed to the complete lack of any evidence that 
the candidate had been poisoned, either deliberately or otherwise. This 
did not endear him to the Yushchenko crowd.

According to the /Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/ (FAZ), a leading 
German newspaper, and reporter Emil Bobi 
of the Austrian magazine /Profil/ <http://www.profil.at/>, Dr. Wicke 
received numerous death threats and explicit warnings from the 
Yushchenko clan. As the /FAZ/ reports [Warning: if you're going to click 
this link 
you'd better be able to read German, and be prepared to pay]:

/"Thereafter Yushchenko's people made clear to Wicke that he should not 
say anything more concerning the affair, since otherwise [as Wicke puts 
it] 'one would resort to other means against me and the hospital.' Dr. 
Wicke is also supposed to have received death threats at the time."

The December 10 issue of /Le Figaro/, a leading French daily, reveals 
the atmosphere of thuggishness prevailing during Yushchenko's sojourns 
to Rudolfinerhaus, describing the outbreak of violent scuffles at one 
October news conference involving "a strange security force with Slavic 
accents." Yielding to the demand of the Ukrainian parliament, Austrian 
cops were sent to Rudolfinerhaus to secure Yushchenko's medical files. 
/Profil/ reports they "practically came to blows with Yushchenko's 


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