[Marxism] Re: State capitalism: some quick replies to Joe and Phil

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Wed Dec 15 08:36:57 MST 2004

> The Soviet Union and its satellite nations should more properly be compared 
> with S. American, the more developed countries of Brazil and Argentina who 
> were in approximately an equal state of development in 1917.

Exactly. The Soviet Union was able to develop the technology to put
satellites into orbit while fighting two world wars that cost millions
of lives. Brazil and Argentina have only recently emerged as industrial

> > Tom O'Lincoln:
> >>But given most people on this list think Soviet society was more advanced
> >>than capitalism, it seemed relevant to measure it against an advanced
> >>capitalist country. Surely after 50 years of industrialisation, Actually
> >>Existing Socialism should be able to withstand such a comparison.

The lot of the Soviet factory worker in terms of basic needs could be
compared to Sweden, from what I have read. The difference was more in
the availability of high quality consumer goods and housing.

While I agree with others that in no way was the SU an industrial equal
to the U.S., Western Europe and Japan in the consumer goods area, a
recently acquired taste for collecting classic cameras has opened my
eyes to the achievements of the SU in that area. Given their starting
point in the 1920's, the Soviet camera and optical industries made
astounding strides in a few decades.


I think that Jurrian gave as good an assessment of the problem of
building a socialist society as I have ever read, by the way.

Jon Flanders

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