[Marxism] Reply to Tom on the meaning of capitalism and statecapitalism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 15 09:15:07 MST 2004

>Just out of curiosity are there any statistics on how many people Jurriaan 
>has run off the list, as a result of personal insults?

None, as far as I know. Jurriaan has been unsubbed in the past for getting 
out of line, but nobody has unsubbed because of his vitriol. Jurriaan is a 
very smart guy and a conscientious contributor to the list. I tend to cut 
him some slack because of this, but do send him private notes occasionally 
telling him to cool it.

In any case, Mahmood asked whether the list will ever ban state capitalism 
theorizing, not whether he had to put up with Jurriaan's insults. Obviously 
there has not been a ban on such theorizing in the past, nor will there be 
in the future.



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