[Marxism] Re: Phyllis Bennis Znet post-election musings

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 15 09:34:10 MST 2004

At 11:26 AM 12/15/2004, Pbennis2 at cs.com wrote:
>Dear Louis Proyect
>You're certainly welcome to your own opinions of my writing, and you can 
>choose to read or not read what i've written on Kerry's Palestine position 
>(in the IPS website, for the U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation and 
>elsewhere) or anything else.
>So disagree all you want. But please don't make false claims about alleged 
>"pressure" on me from IPS, our funders or anyone else.  There has NEVER 
>been a hint of pressure on me regarding my positions on Palestine, Kerry, 
>or anything else.  I write and speak what I believe -- and the strength of 
>IPS is precisely that our staff and fellows can and do say precisely what 
>WE, not our funders or anyone else, believe.
>Phyllis Bennis

Thanks for getting back to me, Phyllis. I don't think that the millionaires 
who fund the IPS or the Nation Magazine are that crude. Nobody would ever 
dream of twisting your arm, or that of Norman Solomon's or Jeff Cohen. On 
the other hand, a subtle pressure does operate in the world that you have 
chosen to make a career in. For you to detect the way that the system 
operates would require a perspective that you probably lost a long time ago 
when you were involved with Line of March. I do find it incredibly sad how 
erstwhile outspoken revolutionaries would end up with such flaccid, 
milquetoast politics but then again that is a very old story on the left.



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